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How We Make Our Wines

Curious How We Make Our Wines?

 Making wine, or at least really good wine, requires passion, knowledge, and a lot of experience.  However, if the grapes aren’t great to start with, there is no way to make great wine.

So, it all starts with the grapes.  Steve has always had a penchant for the health of the vine to ensure great grapes are produced and are not affected by chemicals from herbicides or toxic chemicals.

Steve’s background with a degree in Biology mixed with a little over a decade of working in the field of agriculture has enabled him to see the interaction between the environment and the end product. The vines get fed with compost, are watered only when they need a "drink", and finally tasted and tested to determine the best time to harvest.  

We pay special attention to the grapes during every step of the process; which is easy to do when everything is crafted by hand.  

Simply - we make handmade wines low in sulfites, sustainably grown, ecologically nourished, made in the “Old World” style without artificial ingredients. 


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All About Our Wines


Our Wine Varieties

3 Oaks Vineyard has a vast variety for it's boutique-sized vineyard!

We have 23 rows of varying lengths that include:

{Red Varietals}

Cabernet Sauvignon

Petit Verdot



Cabernet Franc



Petit Syrah



{White Varietals} 


Chenin Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc





At first, the large number of varieties was to accommodate fresh grape purchases for DIY winemaking, but slowly developed into a vineyard that can make an infinite number of blends that vary each year based on growing conditions.