boutique vineyard winery in clovis, california


Our Story

Steve Shoemaker, Vintner and Owner

Hi there! 3 Oaks Vineyard is owned and operated by Steve and Vicki in Clovis, CA.

They both grew up in the Fresno area, and after being gone for over 20 years, came back to the area for family in 2005. Steve's background as a Green Beret and Counter-Terrorism expert had him spending many years overseas and allowed him to travel the world; but after retiring there was a need for a place of solace and mending, which they have found at their current property, 3 Oaks Vineyard.

After much deliberation on what to plant on their newly acquired land, during a family trip to California Adventure in Disneyland, Steve wandered into the Napa Valley exhibit and said "I know what we are going to plant!", as he pointed to the grape vines. In 2007, after many wine-filled discussions, they cleared the 100+ aging almond trees on their new property and 3 Oaks Vineyard was born.

These days, you'll most likely find Steve hanging out with "his vines", or finishing his formal Winemaking education at UC Davis, learning how to perfect his blending techniques. After a long day in the vineyard, both Steve and Vicki enjoy sitting on their back patio and enjoying the sunset and watching critters (rabbits, foxes, squirrels, doves, etc.) in the vineyard. There is always so much going on in the vineyard all year round, but it is a blessing to be able to slow down and enjoy it!

We hope that you enjoy the fruits of our labor, as much as we loved creating 3 Oaks wines for you.